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As part of our SN Training Methods we have developed two brand new Training eBooks!

POWER PROTOCOL and FIGURE can be purchased for a one of cost, and are yours to keep forever! 

The perfect training companion, to keep your workouts structured and help you achieve your goals. Both books have full Exercise Video Libraries, and the training programmes can be done in any gym around the world!

10 Week Strength Programme

4 Day Split (Push, Pull, Legs, Full Body)

Easy to Download PDF

Video Demonstrations for all Exercises

One Time Purchase - Yours Forever!

14 Week Hypertrophy Programme 

5 Day Split

Comprehensive Exercise Notes and Videos

Easy to Download PDF

One Time Purchase - Yours Forever!



I love the accountability -  I hate missing a workout! The "one on one" approach means all my workouts are designed just for me. The app is easy to use, and makes working out a breeze!


I’ve noticed a huge increase in my strength and am really happy with how my body is getting more toned. I have learnt so many new exercises!


The fact that I do not need to deal with writing my own workouts saves time. Knowing that they are written by a Professional who knows their stuff means I can put my efforts into just doing the workouts.

Here's what our members have to say about our online programming.

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