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We've put our heads together at the Strength Nation team to create a new way of training for anyone and everyone. Choose from two different types of online programming to get yourself on track towards achieving your fitness goals! Whether you're happy to follow along with our curated collective tracks (Athlete, Athlete+, Move45 or Strength60) or want a personalised individual one on one online programme designed just for you, we've got you covered! 


3 Workouts per Week 

60 Minutes per session

Compound Lifts, Cardio, Accessory Work

Scaleable for all fitness levels


4 Workouts per week 

60 - 90 Minutes per session

Advanced Training

Focusing on Strength, Power, Speed and Aerobic Threshold


3 Workouts per week

45 Minutes per session

Sweat Inducing Circuit Training

Minimal equipment required

Perfect for In Gym or Home Gym Training


4 Workouts per week

60 Minutes per session

Full Body Hypertrophy Training

Strength and Conditioning

No Cardio!


This is the next step for those that want individualised programming created just for them, week by week.

The workouts will be specific to your training style, goals and will work around your injuries on a completely personal basis.

All past workouts will remain on your app for you to easily monitor your progressions, with an interactive option for you and your trainer to give feedback both ways.

Contact the team by clicking the link above, to book in your free consult with a trainer.


I love the accountability -  I hate missing a workout! The "one on one" approach means all my workouts are designed just for me. The app is easy to use, and makes working out a breeze!


I’ve noticed a huge increase in my strength and am really happy with how my body is getting more toned. I have learnt so many new exercises!


The fact that I do not need to deal with writing my own workouts saves time. Knowing that they are written by a Professional who knows their stuff means I can put my efforts into just doing the workouts.

Here's what our members have to say about our online programming.

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