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Meet Jake

JAKE (PLASTER HIDE) (1)_edited.jpg

Jake Moffitt


Our newest trainer has competed in Body Building competitions all through his twenties and has a strong passion for the sport. He started weight training when he was 12 years old and hasn't stopped since.

Like a lot of PTs, Jake says school wasn't really his thing. Instead he's worked in physical jobs most of life - building, welding, meat works and lumber mills.

In 2017 Jake completed his degree in Exercise Sports Science and then began working as a PT.

He's motivated by helping people reaching their goals or even teaching them something new in the gym. He loves training, riding his Harley, drawing, enjoying time with family and friends and most of all, his Pug dog named Lace. So if you see Jake in the gym, feel free to pick his brain about all things strength training (or life in general!).

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