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Meet Matt



Owner/ Trainer

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” - The Obstacle Is The Way, Ryan Holiday


The other half of the dream team, Matt left working as an arborist and joined up with AJ in 2015 to establish Strength Nation Gym. Prior to this, Matt also had a stint of personal training in Melbourne. But after working through the initial hard yard years at Strength Nation, Matt now helps oversee the business, assist our trainers and take the occasional PT session and Class.


Recently becoming a father of two, Matt now spends his free time with wife Alex, son Cooper and new addition baby daughter Quinn. Training looks a bit different but still holds a high level of importance. Matt now trains because he loves it, but more importantly it allows him to bring his best self forward to the people that matter. 


What motivates Matt daily?

"Progress. What keeps me motivated is to always progress, and also witness the people in our community progress. Seeing people stick to, and inch closer to, their goals inspires me to do the same, whether that’s Fitness, Business or Family goals. Progress and perseverance is a great and contagious tool and something anyone can obtain if you are willing to do what is necessary."

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