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Meet Ben


Ben Wadsworth


In 2023 Ben qualified from NZIS Wellington with a Level 4 and 5 Certificate in Personal Training. After a good amount of persistence, he succeeded in landing what he says is his dream job, working with the Strength Nation Whanau, and says he couldn’t be happier. 

"What inspires me is seeing others take steps outside their comfort zones, and choosing to climb the stairs - because we all know there is no elevator or easy way to success. It’s the continuous dedication, determination, and discipline that you put in that matters. Most of the time it all goes unseen, however, the results speak for themselves."

"A big motivator for me is getting to know the gym members and building long lasting relationships. This is what gives our facility such a unique and positive environment, where everyone feels at home.

Strength Nation is more than just a gym - it’s a community."

Ben has spent his whole life in the Wairarapa, and enjoys spending time with friends and family, training, and is always up for a chat. 

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