Meet Cam


Cam Woods


Bringing a wholesome dose of youthfulness and energy to the team, Cam Woods is our newest personal trainer. Working his way through the ranks of cleaning the gym while finishing high school, Cam jumped at the opportunity to complete his PT qualification while in a full time job at Strength Nation Gym.


What motivates him?


“The members. Every day I’m in an environment where I’m surrounded by our members putting in the hard work to achieve their goals. This motivates me to be better in my field and push towards my own personal development.”


A couple things you should know about Cam? - “I’m a sucker for home baking and would never turn it down, given the chance.” Cam was also brought home early from voluntary work in Africa due to Covid in 2020, but thinks he built a “gut of steel” while over there which is why he’s comfortable drinking milk 4 days past it’s best before date.

His preferred training style is strength based, but enjoys spicing it up with CrossFit WODs thrown into the mix.