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Meet Kelly


Kelly Manley

Administrative Manager /
Pre & Post-Natal Trainer

After completing her personal training qualification in 2018, Kelly changed code from being a travel consultant and joined the SN team as a trainer. Kelly is a qualified Pre & Post-Natal Coach and runs our weekly Mumfit Classes. She also works on all things admin-related at the gym, while juggling motherhood full time.


What’s her motivation?

"Helping mums find themselves again, or discovering who they are since entering motherhood. Our Mumfit classes provide a safe space, even if you're sleep-deprived and just want some like-minded people to have an adult conversation with. Parenthood is hard, and made even harder when you're on your own all day."


At work, Kelly thrives off helping clients realise what they’re capable of - especially when they don’t believe it. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her husband AJ, their little girl Blair and  their Golden Retriever - Rylee.  

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