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Meet AJ


AJ Manley

Owner/ Trainer

“As you sit back doing nothing because you are afraid to make a mistake, someone else is out there making all kinds of mistakes, learning from them, and getting to where you wanted to be”.


One half of the original dream team, AJ Manley opened Strength Nation Gym in July 2015 in Greytown with business partner Matt. AJ was previously working for himself as a personal trainer and learning the trade. But once SN was opened, he gave his full commitment to providing an incredible service and facility, while always looking for opportunity to grow the business. 

Now in a team of 6, his days consist of focusing on helping his staff, engaging with members, taking occasional PT sessions and his own training. He loves competing in CrossFit competitions and spends most of his free time training, but also manages to fit in time “with his beautiful wife and daughter Blair, or eating lots of food.”


What’s his motivation to do what he does?

“I’m a real believer in that you are a product of your environment, for that reason my main inspiration and drive comes from the people I surround myself with daily. I love to see how our members and team grow, succeed and reach goals that they set themselves. Being a part of that is a privilege and it keeps me pushing to be the best I can be each day.”

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